Commissioned 2 new ROLLMATE Roll Inspection Systems

October 26, 2021

We have successfully commissioned 2 new ROLLMATE Roll Inspection Systems at one of the largest steel mills in Russia: Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK). The systems were installed on Herkules grinders by a joint team of Innerspec and MMK-Rollshop engineers.
With 18 ultrasonic channels and 2 EC channels, ROLLMATE can detect defects in any orientation and provide complete surface and sub-surface inspections of workrolls in under 2 minutes. The team at MMK was very impressed with the surface detection capabilities, and particularly surprised with the results from the near-surface and deep inspection channels, which will be used to detect internal non-visible defects and monitor their evolution during the lifetime of the roll. The engineers at MMK confided that the ROLLMATE far exceeds the detection capabilities of their previous EC systems, and expect an important reduction in the number of broken and damaged rolls in the cold mill.
This installation included a custom software package developed by Innerspec to fully integrate the ROLLMATE inspection results with MMK’s Roll shop Management System.

This project was coordinated by our colleagues at Innerspec-CIS which provide sales and support to all the countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States. For additional information on ROLLMATE, contact our offices in Spain and the US or visit our dedicated webpage